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Opening Doors to Research at Amgueddfa Cymru-National Museum Wales. 18th January 2016

15 December 2015

Curious about what the Museum’s collections have to offer your research? Then here’s a chance for a close look at the galleries and behind the scenes. 


On 18 January 2016 Amgueddfa Cymru-National Museum Wales is opening its doors to Cardiff University for a private tour of exhibitions and resources not currently on display. The day will run from 9.30 to 4.30 and will be structured by a variety of guided itineraries through varied areas of the collections. The purpose of the initiative is to explore their collections and meet curators with a view to the future development of research projects.


The event is open to all research and teaching staff from across the University. Please register your interest by 18th December 2015, by emailing your preferred tours (3 morning tours, 3 afternoon tours) to or by replying/emailing with the preferences indicated in the table below.


This is the second of the ‘getting to know you’ events designed to further the agreement between the two institutions ‘to develop a long-term partnership designed primarily to promote research and achieve public impact in areas of common strength and strategic interest, making a difference to Wales and beyond. The first, in which some 60 researchers from the two institutions discussed areas of common strength and potential interest, was held last June at the University. We plan to follow the January event with another in June/ July at St Fagans.


‘Opening Doors to Research’ offers us a rare and privileged opportunity to explore the collections and stores at the Museum’s Cathays Park site in the company of the researchers responsible for them. We are calling it ‘Opening Doors to Research’ for two reasons. In the first place, the Museum will be opening the doors of both galleries and stores. Secondly, we want to signal that the event is designed not only to engage with resources within what colleagues may recognise as their subject areas (with which many are likely to be familiar already) but also to encourage us to explore collections that, while they relate primarily to other disciplines, may prove to have unexpected connections to our own.


Following an introduction and a presentation of ‘One Hundred Objects’ from the collections selected to stimulate our interdisciplinary juices, the day will consist of two sessions, each containing a number of optional guided tours designed and led by the curators. The morning session will be devoted to ‘Changing Landscapes & Societies’, and the afternoon to ‘Representations of Natural Objects’. Under each rubric, there will be the opportunity to go on three specific tours. Since numbers are limited in many cases by the space, we are asking those interested in attending to sign up for the tours in advance as part of their registration of interest.


We do not of course expect firm projects to emerge immediately from the event, which is all about opening things up. The curators will be happy to meet with interested researchers in the future, by mutual agreement, to explore possibilities further, so we hope that one outcome will be lots of plans to meet and to come back for more. We will be seeking feedback from you on the day in order to identify ways in which we can best help in taking these contacts and conversations further.


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