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Slacking off

3 November 2014

Apparently when I dropped the keyboard after all the grant writing and picked up the pipette to do some actual lab work, I needed a bit of a hiatus from writing in general. On the plus side, I did spend some quality time at the bench, something that I thoroughly enjoy. So, I’ve been cooking up some cells (well, not really cooking, they wouldn’t like that), and done some pretty immunostainings (I will post an image or two as soon as I have corrected the stupid mistakes I made while trying to take pictures of them improved the image quality a bit). All of this is fairly rudimentary stuff, as I still find that I am lacking essential tidbits that need to be ordered on the spot (or “borrowed” from friendly colleagues)*, but it is still reassuring to see that my cells grow on this side of the atlantic just as well as on the other side (and, yes, that should be self-evident, after all that’s what cancer cells do, but us cell-culturists (not to be confused with cultists, please) are a superstitious folk (maybe just a little bit of cell cultists, after all…)). All of these little preparations will ensure that the lab is completely up and running by the new year, when a new MRes student will join the group (effectively increasing the size of the group by 100% – how often can you say that during your career?). And as a little bonus, I am getting some preliminary data for the next round of grant applications from these current experiments (and I have accepted the fact that the application writing will never stop from now on – the transition from scientist-who-does-the-benchwork to scientist-who-does-the-administrative-work (i.e. scientist-who-keeps-the-money-coming-in) is a strange one, but that’s food for another entry).

* footnote: never hire me as your lab manager, I’m obviously completely rubbish at this job.