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Letting go

Posted on 18 March 2015 by Florian Siebzehnrubl

One of the hardest things I find of becoming an office scientist (in contrast to a lab scientist) is that I have to give up the reins a little bit, take a step back, and let the young talent do the work. Which, at first, feels very weird, as one finds oneself frequently going to
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Posted on 19 January 2015 by Florian Siebzehnrubl

The new year is upon us, and we’re safely past the time where everyone expects you to have resolutions, so it is about time for another entry. There has been some reshuffling in the lab, with large (and expensive) equipment being moved around, mostly in order to generate additional space for new groups that will
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Looking back

Posted on 15 December 2014 by Florian Siebzehnrubl

One of the favourite pastimes during the month of December is reflecting on anything that happened during the previous 12 months. I thought I’d join the fun and give my personal perspective on the whirlwind of change that was 2014. My relocation to Cardiff really started already in November 2013, when I interviewed for the
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Cancer Stem Cell Symposium @ QMUL

Posted on 18 November 2014 by Florian Siebzehnrubl

Meeting report: I’ve just been to the 9th Cancer Stem Cell Symposium hosted by the Blizzard Institute at Queen Mary University of London. Despite being a short and small conference, it was a very good one. I guess the number of researchers active in the cancer stem cell field is not too large in the
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Slacking off

Posted on 3 November 2014 by Florian Siebzehnrubl

Apparently when I dropped the keyboard after all the grant writing and picked up the pipette to do some actual lab work, I needed a bit of a hiatus from writing in general. On the plus side, I did spend some quality time at the bench, something that I thoroughly enjoy. So, I’ve been cooking up
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There’s always another deadline…

Posted on 21 October 2014 by Florian Siebzehnrubl

Because I haven’t done anything but writing grants since I arrived at the ECSCRI (at least that’s what it feels like; I did do loads of other things, just not the kind of stuff that feels like you have accomplished something), I will dedicate a post to this general topic. In the almost four months since I
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Reductio ad absurdum

Posted on 14 October 2014 by Florian Siebzehnrubl

I just can’t stop circling around the idea of reductionism. Perhaps because this philosophy is so central to all of modern science (and by ‘science’ I’m mostly referring to the life sciences, but I’m sure the principle holds true for other natural sciences as well). The reductionist idea goes back to the age of enlightenment, and
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