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19 January 2015

The new year is upon us, and we’re safely past the time where everyone expects you to have resolutions, so it is about time for another entry. There has been some reshuffling in the lab, with large (and expensive) equipment being moved around, mostly in order to generate additional space for new groups that will be starting a little later this year. Thankfully, all pieces of kit contently started humming again when they were plugged in in their new locations. I was foolish enough to be the first person to test our time-lapse microscope after its move, but the experiment was a success, and there may be a movie of cells on the move coming up sometime soon (i.e. as soon as I finished editing).  I am gathering some preliminary data at the moment, which translates to I’m conducting experiments to support hypotheses I’m throwing out in grant applications, hoping that said hypotheses are challenging and exciting enough for someone to fund them. I promise I will soon write a longer piece on the mystifying perplexity that is our current system of funding science, but for the moment my mind is being drawn back to the intricacies of transcription factor binding sites. Until next time.