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2nd July – ‘Celebrating our Community’

18 June 2015

Thursday 2nd July, Dowlais Engine House, North Merthyr Tydfil

Event Runs from 2pm – 8pm

Join us at this celebratory event which is hosted by Cardiff University’s Strong Communities, Healthier People (SCHeP) flagship imitative.

Let us celebrate your community with us as well as enjoy some exciting activities that researchers from Cardiff University have contributed. Much of the work in North Merthyr has been with artists so we will showcase the films and artwork that has been done.  We will also continue to work with arts and heritage organisations so there will be an opportunity to participate in an activity which will truly celebrate our community.

What is happening  – Activities from 2-6pm will include

  • Pop up Museum: Bring an object or photo that tells a story about you or your community.  Digital artists will create something wonderful with these to celebrate North Merthyr.  With your permission they will take a picture which you can keep but will also contribute to a fantastic collage.
  • Cardiff Institute of Tissue Engineering and Repair (CITER) will be running a ‘Marvellous Maggots’ learn how  maggots help to heal wounds and pick, name and race your own maggot. See if it is a winner!
Marvellous Maggots

  Staff and PhD students from Cardiff Institute of Tissue Engineering and Repair (CITER) will bring along their “Marvellous Maggots”. The maggot races will be throughout the afternoon – come and pick, name and race your own maggot and see if it is a winner! You will also be able learn facts about how medicinal maggots help to heal wounds. Maggots are efficient consumers of dead tissue. They munch on rotting flesh, leaving healthy tissue practically unscathed. Faster wound healing probably arises from several combined maggot effects, such as increasing oxygen concentrations in the wound and enhancing cellular growt




  • Racing Car and simulator: Cardiff Racing from Cardiff University’s School of Engineering will bring a racing car they have made.  Learn how it was made and use the built in simulator to imagine that you are at the wheel!
Racing Car

  Staff and students from the Cardiff School of Engineering Cardiff, aim to demonstrate careers that children can aspire to based on maths, science and importantly creativity. The team provide an opportunity for children to talk to staff and students, and to examine a real student built racing car. Students and staff describe the parts of the car; tyres, brakes, suspension, and chassis, and explain how brakes work, how fast the car is, and what materials are used to make the car light and fast. This technical information is explained in terms the children can understand eg brakes work like crab claws grasping a spinning disc, or the weight of a car is equal to two elephants while our car is an elephants leg. In addition, through a student built simulator children can experience the feeling of driving the racing car.


  • Exhibitions and films created by people of all ages with artists and researchers.   From 6-6.30pm Let us join together and truly celebrate the launch of a project that will cement the relationship between the people of North Merthyr Tydfil and Cardiff University.  Drinks and nibbles available.  Iechyd da!
  • Citizens Wales Cymru  will be offering a free ‘Community Leadership Taster Training Course’ between 10 – 6pm, there are limited places so sign up quickly!
Programme for Citizen Cymru








  • 6.30-8pm  Mingle and chat

If you would like any further information please contact Mel Evans or 02920 193243