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23 June 2015

The trip to Bratislava was really cool.

First of all, the boat – this was it! It kind of flew across the water. It was smooth and quick – there should be more like them. Also, when I was waiting for the boat, I was in a queue of five people. Three of them were from Liverpool. In a queue, for a rickety boat in Slovakia, there were three people from home. It was a massive surprise and really nice to hear a Scouse accent. In Liverpool, we say ‘you’ll never walk alone’; it certainly proved true here.

The hydrofoil!
The hydrofoil!



Back to Bratislava. I loved the place, the centre was really picturesque and it was easy to walk around. There was also this incredible Italian pizza place which did these handmade pizzas to die for. They also had an ice cream bar next door – I ended up with the an ice cream and half a pizza for €2.50!

The castle by night.

I travelled to Budapest that night, and met up with Fiona which was a happy surprise. I’ve heard a lot about Budapest, if not just from the George Ezra song, so was excited to see what it was like.

In short, it was amazing.

Buda castle.

The city, and weather were both beautiful, a pleasure to visit. We went on a walking tour and heard about the history of the city, it was really interesting to hear about the destruction and rebuilding of the castle over years. We climbed a massive hill to see the castle and view the city from above.

Budapest from above.

That evening we carried on exploring, and also tried Hungarian cuisine. I didn’t know such a thing existed; it does and it was very nice! I caught the train back the train the next day. It’s weird being back in Regensburg after all this travel! However, it’s safe to say that I’ve throughly enjoyed it. For now, it’s only fitting that I leave with this: George Ezra – Budapest.

Hello from Budapest!




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