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FAQsWork-life balance

Working while studying.

22 April 2020
clock and books

Find out how our students get the work-life balance right while studying.

I aim to complete set coursework as soon as possible after the set date to stay ahead, as balancing studies and parental responsibilities gives limited time for last-minute work or corrections. I do still manage time to stay on par or slightly ahead with the topics taught in lectures as well as study extra topics of interest outside of University – so it is certainly possible!


The Students’ Union is a really flexible employer. We set what days/hours we are available on an app and are allocated shifts based on this. Therefore, it is relatively easy to keep up with my studies as I work between 2-4 shifts a week and do not set my availability around periods when my coursework is due. As most staff are students, everyone understands the difficulties with studying and having a job so we are all willing to pick up or swap shifts when others need.


Alongside my Masters, I work part-time in a coffee shop and volunteer part-time in an organisation. I have managed to do this by looking at my tasks for the week in advance, in order to prioritise tasks and understand what needs to be done in advance of the deadline – essentially, making my own deadlines. My organisational skills have improved over time, as I am now able to prioritise tasks in terms of their importance, and I allocate time for specific tasks to ensure they are completed on time. 


I take on part-time roles as a brand ambassador as it can provide a small boost to my finance in a way that fits around my schedule. One can work part-time along their studies but this works best with roles that do not have fixed hours so you can fit it around your ever-changing demands and schedule. Predictive time management is key to ensure you have enough time for your course, job and equally as important – rest. Even job hunting is made simple with Cardiff University Students’ Union’s Jobshop, which helps students with flexible part-time employment.