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What our postgraduates say about their courses

21 April 2020

All of my lecturers are friendly, helpful and are in obvious possession of years of industry experience which help amplify the learning experience.


At Cardiff, each research topic is presented by the researchers themselves, whom are experts in their topics. This is very exciting because we get to taught about current researchers by the people who understand it very well.


My favourite part of the course has been the research placement module, where you’re paired with an academic in the psychology department and assist them with projects they’re working on. As a part of this I really enjoyed learning more about research outside of my own area and being introduced to the different methodological approaches the researchers use.


My experience of the MSc Eco-Cities course has been an eye-opening one and has been not only inspiring but has helped lead me onto my chosen career path of environmental management. The course offers a wide aspect into features of sustainable development, such as sustainable planning, eco-city development and environmental management.


I have found the course very informative, well-structured, in-depth and an appropriate preparation year for the future I aspire to follow in research and academia. The lectures have been covering in depth a wide range of material of specialised topics within the broader scientific area, and are also accompanied by laboratory/practical/computing sessions, journal clubs and talks/colloquia which ensured the consolidation of the knowledge and skills learnt.


The freedom of the assignments is a great benefit of my course as you can really tailor the work to your own interests. I feel as though throughout the first semester, I learnt a vast amount of information. Whilst the workload was intense, being able to apply what I had learnt to my writing gave me a sense of achievement.


My tutors have been amazing, and a big part of why I have enjoyed the course so much. Both have years of experience at the top of the industry, and an extensive contact list that they utilise to help us gain work experience and establish links at chosen publications. They are not afraid to provide constructive criticism, which has helped to refine my work and learn valuable lessons from my mistakes.


I would not have the connections I have now or the opportunities I have now if I hadn’t have done this course so it is very worthwhile. I feel more prepared to go forward in my career and more confident in my ability to perform well in the geo-environmental sector due to having a much wider knowledge and variety of skills that I would not have attained had I gone straight into industry after my undergraduate studies.


Each week we get feedback on our work and our tutors are always reachable if we have any questions. This devotion to the learning experience of each individual student is consistent across the course and there is a high standard of teaching in each module. The lecturers also offer different styles of teaching and ways of thinking which keeps things fresh and engaging.


Making the most of the libraries has, of course, been really useful for the assignments. I feel like the assignments thus far have really tested a wide range of skills – we’ve written classic academic essays, critical reviews, research proposals, and conducted interviews. One challenge has been to submit all assessments on the same day, but on the other hand, that has made us step up our planning and discipline.