“Cardiff Diploma is not simply a PGCE for medics, teaching how to teach, it is much more.”

Ms Jill Webb

Medical Education (MSc)

“As a consultant I have responsibility for ‘coordinating’ the education of doctors with very disparate training needs and diverse career aims and had to cope with new systems of recording progress and trainees learning in ways completely different from those I had been required to master. Feeling ill equipped to take on these new and different responsibilities I was recommended to this course. My hope was simply to learn how to teach better and to increase my confidence in the ‘classroom’; but the Cardiff Diploma is not simply a PGCE for medics, teaching how to teach, it is much more.

“Whilst I am absolutely certain that it has improved my ability to teach and train; it has also given me an appreciation of the underlying principles of how the training systems were developed and why. I now have the building blocks to develop an education programme with an appreciation of many areas including assessment, evaluation and curriculum design.  While this was a huge culture shock initially, as I have always shied away from topics such as philosophy and psychology, I have found the course fascinating and so, so relevant. I believe that the course will be career-altering if not life-changing. I have now been invited on to the education and training committee of the British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH). We are currently developing a curriculum for hand surgery to use in collaboration with e-learning for health programmes.  This is an exciting project, which a year ago I would never have dreamed of being able to be involved with.”

Ms Jill Webb is a Consultant Hand and Plastic Surgeon, Birmingham