“Creative Writing MA at Cardiff was, quite simply, an adventure.”

Elizabeth Ford

Creative Writing (MA)

“Creative Writing MA at Cardiff was, quite simply, an adventure. From our road trip to a mid-Wales retreat to our tri-weekly poetry readings, I never wanted to miss a minute! Our classes were not only engaging, challenging, and well-structured, but they gave me something I had never had in the non-MA world: the opportunity to be among a group of like-minded people who loved and appreciated writing. The lecturers, alongside my quirky set of course mates, exposed me to things I may not have otherwise discovered, like the joys of micro-fiction, scriptwriting, and Welsh cakes, and inspired me to experiment and take risks with my own work. The teaching component of the course was equally inspiring and gave me the opportunity to more thoroughly explore my interests in creative writing education. Overall this program left me with things I never could have imagined and, now, would never want to be without: a newfound love for writing fiction and prose poetry, lifelong friends from across the country, and a strengthened desire to write, read, and teach.”