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Students’ view on living in Cardiff

22 April 2020
Students sitting by Main Building.
Students sitting by Main Building.

I enjoy living in Cardiff because it is a dynamic and vibrant city. I think that Cardiff is the right balance of having many events and things to do whilst also having quiet places for contemplation and reflection.

Sophie Conway 

There are lots of good places to study on-campus, like the Study Zone in the SU or in the libraries, which have lots of desks and computing areas. Off-campus, my favourite place to study is Coffee Barker – a quirky coffee shop with very comfortable armchairs in one of the Victorian arcades.

Zak Robertson 

For me, the best thing about living and studying in Cardiff is finding a second home in such a buzzing and vibrant city. Coming from a small town I’d never experienced what it’s like to live in a city, and even though Cardiff isn’t the largest, there are still so many great hidden gems and areas just waiting to be discovered.

Oliver Bell 

The one thing I say to my friends and family back home about Cardiff is that it has something for everyone – sporting and cultural events, bars and restaurants, green spaces etc. Coming from a small town, I feared that the city centre would feel vast and daunting when I first moved here, but it is really easy to navigate, and there’s so much to do all in a very close proximity.

John Jones