Student Profiles

Supei – MSc Accounting and Finance

Business School

Why did you choose to study a postgraduate degree at Cardiff University?

When I was a senior in College, I decided to study abroad, I felt limited by the same surrounding environment that I have had the whole life. I wanted to embrace new experiences and have a realistic opinion of the world

Cardiff is a capital city in Wales. The city combines modern and old architecture. It has a lively atmosphere but without being too busy.

Cardiff University, according to what I researched prior coming here, plays an important role in Wales. Which means the university has good teaching resources and support from the local government.

Additionally, Cardiff University is part of the Russell Group.

How was your experience as a postgraduate at Cardiff University, in terms of the programme?

During my first semester, I felt concerned about the essays and exams as they all came new to me.

But, my professors reminded me that all the module core information and advice could be found in Learning Central. Including the lectures, which was a great help while preparing for the exams.

During the second semester, modules are all optional. I decided for those relavant to finance, such as financial derivatives.
By then, I have also become better at time managing my essays an exams.

How was your experience of living in Cardiff, in terms of the city, social life and accommodation, again specifically as a postgraduate student?

At Cardiff, public transport is very convenient. You can walk to most places you want to visit. Sometimes I use the bus or taxi. They are all easy to find.

I enjoy going to Bute Park. It’s one of the many parks Cardiff has. My flat is about 10 minutes walk. In spring, the flowers in the park are beautiful. My friends and I organise picnics to the spend sunny days. We really enjoy the nature.
In the city centre of Cardiff, you can find gyms, shops and supermarkets. Cardiff living costs are affordable comparing to other cities in the U.K.

What was different about your postgraduate experience at Cardiff University compared to your previous degree?

The main difference is that postgraduate studies at Cardiff University prepares you for your future. I didn’t feel my undergraduate degree did so. It was more about the subject of study. My postgraduate studies have helped me prepare for my future career by gaining new skills and abilities.

How did you fund your postgraduate degree?

My parents fund my studies. I have also worked part-time through Jobshop.

How do you think that your postgraduate degree is helping prepare you for the future – job aspirations, career development, future study etc?

For me, having a Master’s degree from a Russel Group institution is an invaluable achievement. It will definitely make my CV stand out.