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Yanna Thines – MSc Civil and Water Engineering

My academic experience

My lectures have been very enjoyable so far. I’ve delved into a lot of new topics, and even material I was revisiting (from my BEng) was presented in a way that deepened my understanding.

Assessments have been clear and well-explained. I have found lecturers helpful when I asked for feedback or advice. 

One of the things I’ve enjoyed the most are lecturers sharing their experience and anecdotes from their time in the industry. I also had classmates who have or are working in various companies, which enriched the module content.

I’ve enjoyed the independence we’re given as students, allowing us to manage our time and be responsible for our learning. Juggling studying and motherhood has made me more focused, disciplined and hence productive.

In terms of facilities, I have made regular use of the computer room and have never been in a situation where I felt it was too loud or crowded for me to study. The fact that I didn’t need to install modelling software on my personal computer for example was a big relief, as I have had trouble with this at other universities, where a lot of class time was wasted with installation problems.

The teaching office and career service have been very helpful, going out of their way to help me with courses, job applications, and interviews, as well as the logistics around attending university and interviews. I feel very supported by the services offered by Cardiff University.