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Mollie Bryde – MA Ethics and Social Philosophy

My academic experience

So far I would say that this semester has been my favourite! I have enjoyed this semester because of the great modules on offer; Feminist Philosophy and Social and Political Philosophy. What I have enjoyed the most about these semesters is getting to know two lecturers that I have not worked with before, and engaging with some really interesting philosophy. I have loved learning all about different debates within feminism and thinking about how these tensions are relevant in contemporary society. I have learnt a lot about the oppression that women and other minority groups face and it has been interesting to think of ways that that oppression may be resisted. It has also been interesting thinking about ways that the modules can connect. For example I am currently thinking about how Nietzsche’s Genealogy of Morals can be analysed from a feminist perspective. From my course I have also gained more confidence as I am becoming more used to speaking openly in front of my peers and giving short class presentations. 

I have not used any IT support and I rarely visit the library as I like to work from the postgraduate lounge. I find this to be a great study area as it is nice and calm and quiet and much less busy than the ASSL. Instead of taking books out from the libraries I tend to use the online library search which I find to be a great resource, one that I will miss after I graduate! 

All of the philosophy academics are very friendly and approachable. I particularly enjoy Mary Edwards’ seminars as she is always enthusiastic and creative in the ways she teaches and is generous with her time. Assessments are manageable as we are only required to write one 4000 word essay for each module. I have found that the levels of guidance and support that I have received when working on my assessments has been varied, some lecturers being more supportive than others. Simon Robertson was particularly supportive when it came to writing our essays and always replied to emails quickly, giving thorough and helpful feedback. 

We have only really just begun work on our dissertations but already I feel supported and encouraged by my supervisor; Mary Edwards. When choosing your dissertation topic I would advise to pick something that really interests you as you will be spending a lot of time working on it and thus you need to be fully committed to researching the issue. I have chosen to continue the work that I started in my undergraduate dissertation on the objectification of women’s bodies. I think that using my UG dissertation as a starting point for my PG dissertation will be really beneficial as I am already fairly well read in the area and I know that it is something that I am deeply interested in. Time management can be difficult, I have two jobs as well as doing my full time masters and so I sometimes find managing my time a little stressful. However it is manageable as long as you are well organised and committed to doing the best you can! 

I chose to study at Cardiff because I knew from studying philosophy as an UG, that I am really interested in feminist philosophy. Cardiff University offers a really great feminist module and for this reason, I chose to stay on at Cardiff for another year. On top of this Cardiff is a great city with loads on offer.