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Idoia – MA International Public Relations and Global Communications Management

20 March 2018


What have been your impressions of Cardiff University so far – starting from the application process, enrolment, induction and the start of your studies?

My impression is very good overall. The application process was thorough. The university requires several documents that you have to prepare during several months (English test,
recommendation letters and motivation letter) but it was exciting at the same time.


The enrolment was quite easy to do as well, and the most exciting part was to get the student ID card at the Student’s Union! As for the induction week, it was very useful to familiarise with the place of study,the teachers and the classmates.

During your postgraduate studies in Cardiff are you living on campus or in private accommodation?

I chose to live in private accommodation, since I thought halls would be full of undergrads students and I wanted something quieter.

Tell us about the process you went through to secure your accommodation and also any advice you would give to prospective students when they are choosing accommodation for their postgraduate studies.

I decided to attend to the house hunting event that the university hold in August. I was not ready to come for the first time to Cardiff without having seen the city and without


I was the only one coming from abroad, and that was a good experience because I met lots of people, some of whom now are my housemates. The opportunity of meeting so many people within three days was without doubt the best about the event!


The advice I would give them is not to rush into a house you are not convinced, specially if you are house hunting with more people. Also, if you are going to sign a contract with a letting agency which is not the Cardiff Letting Agency (the university one) search for reviews online. Remember that it will be your home for a year and you need to be comfortable.

How are you funding your studies?

I am funding my studies mainly thanks to the help of my parents and some money I had saved prior coming to Cardiff.

I have also received the Master’s Excellence Scholarship from Cardiff University, which reduced the cost of my fees.

I would recommend prospective students to apply to the Master’s Excellence Scholarship. It is a good idea to submit your application before the first deadline and to make a good application. The Scholarship also enhances your CV.