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Open Day

Getting the most out of a Postgraduate Open Day

13 February 2017

Have you ever wondered the benefits of attending a Postgraduate Open Day?

Here is what some of our Postgraduate Ambassadors think:

Henry, MA Music

“I found the level of support and enthusiasm from members of staff, whom I had contact with at Cardiff University, to be warmly inviting as well as constructive. I was met with positivity when I consulted staff in email correspondence, who were extremely helpful in answering wide-ranging questions I had regarding life at Cardiff, the course I was applying for, and the application process.”

Alice, MSc Neuroimaging: Methods and Applications

“Not only does the open day help you with your course decision, it is a great source of information regarding scholarships, bursaries, and sponsorship. It provides you with a fantastic feel for the University and the location. I would say the best thing about attending a postgraduate open day is speaking to current postgraduate students. These students give you honest and constructive opinions about the course and the assessments, but also about the City and their work life balance.”

Andrew, MA Ancient History

“The Postgraduate Open Day was the most significant factor in my choice to remain at Cardiff to study for my MA. There is only so much you can learn from written summaries; being able to speak to somebody at the university is so important. One fantastic thing about Cardiff- at least on my course- is that the lecturers share my enthusiasm for my subject; this came through very strongly and persuaded me that I was in the right place.”

Hayley, MA Medieval History

“Researching a website and reading prepared literature is helpful but to understand if something is right for you, you need to visit the place and meet the people. I had been an undergraduate at Cardiff and was familiar with the location, facilities and resources but I wanted to gain a greater understanding of what Cardiff had to offer me as a postgraduate. The different schools and departments had stalls setting out their topics and courses. This was, for me, the nucleus of the open day; the opportunity to talk to tutors, administrative officers and current students and ask questions.”

Matthew, MSc Applied Environmental Geology

“The best advice I can give would be to make sure you attend the Cardiff postgraduate open day and engage as much as possible with teaching staff and other prospective students! I feel like I really came away knowing the course was right for me and that I was making the right choice.”