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Open Day

Getting the most out of a Postgraduate Open Day-Rachel Morgan, MSc Human Resource Management

23 November 2016

I found attending Cardiff’s postgraduate Open Day an insightful and valuable experience when considering if Cardiff was the place for me. It provides a unique opportunity to gather information and ask questions relating to your entire postgraduate experience.  This ranges from accessing funding information, speaking to specific academic schools and a tour of the facilities.  Despite previously attending the university at undergraduate level it was interesting to see how much the facilities and systems have changed in the last few years – Cardiff is continuously striving for innovative improvement and development.

Cardiff’s Postgraduate Open Day approach is to offer a general introduction to the university whilst also allowing you to tailor your day to meet your specific subject and needs. The range of staff, academics and student ambassadors available is representative of the university’s approach to supporting its students, it takes it seriously.  This supportive and inclusive environment is a true depiction of my postgraduate studies so far, both staff and students are approachable and helpful.

My advice to anyone considering postgraduate study at Cardiff is to attend the day, collect as much information as possible and don’t be afraid to ask questions. I found speaking to academic staff specific to my subject particularly helpful as they were able to answer my questions and address any concerns I had.  This friendly approach resulted in a one-to-one visit to the Business School to meet the course director at a later date.  The informal chat and tour of the facilities specific to MSc Human Resource Management reinforced that Cardiff was the correct place for me.  This friendly and interactive approach is not limited to the Business School.

If nothing else the day allows you to gauge the atmosphere and explore the city to determine if Cardiff is the right fit for you. Don’t let the rain put you off!