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Gemma – MA Magazine Journalism

20 March 2018


What have been your impressions of Cardiff University so far – starting from the application process, enrolment, induction and the start of your studies?

The application process appeared to be competitive but fair and straightforward as I was guided through it.


Prior to the course starting I was sent regular emails updating me of what I need to do to prepare for enrolment which made life easier when I began the course


The induction was very organised and I could tell they had paid great attention to detail which made me very impressed. I already feel like I’m receiving a high standard of education which so far exceeds my expectations and so this makes me look forward to the rest of my course.

During your postgraduate studies in Cardiff are you living on campus or in private accommodation?

I am living in private accommodation which is a shared house.

I am pleased with my decision as I am living with fellow postgraduates. I had heard that sharing houses was the general thing which Postgraduates in Cardiff do so that’s why I chose this option.

Tell us about the process you went through to secure your accommodation and also any advice you would give to prospective students when they are choosing accommodation for their postgraduate studies.

I attended the house hunting event and I am very happy I did. It was quite intense & terrifying finding a house with people just a day after meeting them but definitely worth it and one of the best things I have done because you get to know other people around Cardiff who you might stay in touch with and this makes it seem less scary and lonely when you arrive here.

Although, it may feel stressful at the time I would recommend it as the alternative is probably more stressful – viewing several houses and not knowing who you will end up living with. I made some great friends and look forward to going home at the end of the day. However, on the day of the actual house hunting make sure you do get there early at 9am as it’s on a first come first serve basis and the best houses do go quickly! It will all work out though.

Did you attend a Postgraduate Open Day?

I found the Postgraduate Open Day useful because although you can find out a great deal of information online about the course; attending the Postgraduate Open Day allows you to have personal questions about the course answered and not only gain a better feel about the course and what’s involved but the university environment also.

I would recommend that prospective students attend the open day because it can help bring clarity about the course. I would advise prospective students to allow plenty of time though because it is an information filled day and there won’t be enough time to find out about absolutely everything you want – be selective about the key things you want to find out about.

Why did you choose Cardiff University and Postgraduate study?

I chose Cardiff because it is ranked number one on the guardian league table for my subject of study and I also gained a really positive impression during the Open Day. It seemed as though Cardiff University had postgraduate targeted facilities e.g. the postgraduate zone in the student union.

Another main reason was because I wanted to feel better prepared for entering the professional industry.
I studied a broad area of the field I wish to pursue my career in at undergraduate level. I wanted to refine and focus this which is why I decided to study at postgraduate level so I could do a specialist course.