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First impressions on Cardiff University

26 January 2018

Cardiff University postgraduates

On this post you will find some of our current postgraduates’ first impressions of the university. They commented on their experiences when applying, enrolling and starting their courses.

Earth and Ocean Sciences

Rachel, MSc Applied Environmental Geology

“The application process was pretty straightforward.
The online enrolment was easy to do. Collecting the student card at the Students’ Union gave me an opportunity to look around there and other buildings on campus.
It was nice to have a few postgraduate ‘freshers’ events (quiz, meet-ups) as I was able to meet people from a variety of different courses.
It was nice to get started on the course and meet everyone – we started with some introductory lectures and fieldtrips”


Yanna, MSc Civil and Water Engineering

“I am in the unusual situation that my baby was just over 2 months old when I started my MSc in Civil and Water Engineering.
The application process went well. My application was processed quite quickly and the information I was given was clear.
Once in Cardiff, my enrolment and induction have been very positive experiences. During enrolment, when I had my baby with me, the university was very helpful and understanding.
I was given priority treatment, such as being taken to the front of queues both at the school enrolment and at the Students’ Union.
Professors told me not to hesitate to take a break from induction lectures when I / my baby needed to.
Best of all, the teaching office and my course coordinator have helped me find ways to balance my studies and family life. I am now confident that I will be able to be a good student and a dedicated mother”

Geography and Planning

Anna, MSc Sustainability Planning & Environmental Policy

“My initial impression of Cardiff University was the online presence and the application process. I found it very straight forward to find information about the course I wanted to apply to and their application process was easy to follow.
As soon as I had applied, the university did well at contacting me with information for Postgraduates – in particular letting me know about the house hunting event.
The induction week was a gentle introduction into the more practical aspects of studying at Cardiff University, which also gave me plenty of opportunities to meet other postgraduate in the School of Geography and Planning”

Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies

Charles, MA International Public Relations and Global Communications Management

“My first impressions of Cardiff University have been fantastic. The application process was clear and communications between myself and the University were excellent with a fast response rate. Any queries I had were answered almost immediately.
The course leader and tutors during the induction week were extremely welcoming, fostering a friendly atmosphere that helped me to get to know my peers.
Whilst I was expecting to be in a diverse class, I was astounded at the range of backgrounds, nationalities and experience people bring to the course. I think, I have heard a tutor mentioning we are comprised of around 20 different nationalities! This diversity has created a fantastic dynamic that will allow for the active exchange of knowledge and ideas”


Ben, MSc Operational Research, Applied Statistics and Financial Risk

“The application process was simple but comprehensive, and I was updated regularly on the process of my application.
Enrolment was a week packed with various activities, and it had a great emphasis on providing student opportunities, containing seminars on careers & employability, languages for all and general resources available to students. I think this is a great approach to enrolment since it shows early on how much the university can offer and encourages students to take action and improve their own prospects, something I have been doing as a result.
The start of my studies was, at first, very introductory with an emphasis on ensuring students know the course layout, but has moved on to a progression through the basic elements of the course and ensuring everyone is at the same academic standard. There has been an immediate focus on computer skills, something I am pleased with since this experience will undoubtedly come in handy during working life”


Thomas, MA Music

“Having studied at Cardiff University for the past 5 years as an undergraduate, I can’t help but love Cardiff University and the city.
The process of applying for a Masters can be daunting, but Cardiff University do their very best to alleviate any worries or concerns prospective students may have.
As the application is online, it is easy to complete in your own time and at your own pace.
Enrolment, both online and within the specific school have been quick and easy to complete, taking no time at all. The information provided to new students on Cardiff University’s main website was easily accessible and school specific, giving myself all the information I needed for the enrolment and induction weeks and what was expected of myself at the school specific inductions.
Having had two weeks of lectures now, I am thoroughly enjoying myself within the school and the modules are engaging and helpful in promoting myself as musician, very much preparing me for life after university and providing me with valuable skills that, to some extent I wish I had known a few years ago. I am now planning numerous things in the future for my studies and am looking forward greatly to each week will bring to my modules”

English, Communication and Philosophy

Lowri, MA Language Communication Research

“I found the application process very straightforward, both for the course and the scholarship. Whenever I had a question I emailed the school directly and they were very helpful.
Course convenors were also very attentive and helpful during enrolment, as a new MA had become available since I applied which seemed more suitable, so I switched. This whole process was quick and painless.
Enrolment went well. A lot to take in at first but, again, everyone was very approachable and showed a genuine interest in us and our plans.
I’m now two weeks in and things seem to be going well. I was worried about being a student at 30, but I’m surrounded by a really diverse group of students of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds.
It also feels much easier to ask questions and approach tutors as an MA student. My personal tutor is lovely, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in extra-curricular things, and I’m looking forward to the year ahead”