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Final thoughts

4 September 2018

In our final Scholars blog for this year, some of our Postgraduate students share their final thoughts on their time at Cardiff University.

Alix Plumley – MSc in Neuroimaging: Methods and Applications

I’ve enjoyed my time as a PG at Cardiff University, I’ve really loved being a part of the postgraduate community in such a research focussed environment. Being taught by highly respected experts in the field is an amazing opportunity which has also added to the experience. My biggest achievement is probably being offered a super exciting PhD place here to further integrate into and contribute to the research taking place!

Claire Gilson – MSc Physiotherapy

Studying for a masters at Cardiff university has been both rewarding and enjoyable. Some of the modules I completed exceeded my expectations (my healthcare research module was brilliant)…whilst others did not quite reach the depth of study I was looking to achieve (maybe that’s for the PhD?!). Overall the lectures have been brilliant and the modules set up well.

I guess my biggest achievement so far was my 93/100 in my research module and maybe second to that managing to cycle most mornings up from llandaff without walking up the hill!

Magdalene Crabbe – MA International Journalism

I liked the academic aspects of studying for a master’s degree in a different subject to my undergraduate course. I had the opportunity to branch out, meet different people from all over the world and develop skills in many areas such as proofreading, graphic design and website editing. Cardiff was the best place for my course in the UK and I did feel inspired by the talent and experience of the academic staff. My course director and personal tutors were friendly, approachable and very empathetic to my periods of adverse mental health. I spent a lot of time at home and had to go through counselling for a short time and the lecturers were all very supportive. It is for this reason that I am predicted to achieve a distinction and managed to complete my dissertation nearly 2 months before the deadline.

Martin Berger – MA Digital Media and Society

Studying at Cardiff University was a great experience and fulfilled most of my expectations. My teachers were all very helpful and approachable. I always had the feeling that I could go to any of them and they would help me or show me where I can find somebody who could help me. Moreover, more often than not my course was challenging and gave me new insights into topics even if I was already familiar with them.

It is difficult to think of just one big accomplishment. I’m very proud of my academic achievements. However, I think the more important accomplishment is actually living and studying in another country, finding new friends, and being happy in Cardiff without knowing anyone beforehand. I had such a great time in Cardiff and it was one of my most enjoyable experiences in my life. I met many people with similar interest which made discussion very fun and I was challenged academically. All of this made me a better person which I’m most proud of.

Nikolaos Filianakis – MSc Environmental Design of Buildings

I am very grateful for the opportunity to study in one of the top Schools of Architecture in the UK and I am more than satisfied with the quality of all the modules of the MSc. I studied full-time and the course was very demanding, but I successfully challenged myself resulting in acquiring extremely valuable knowledge with the help of the inspiring tutors, visiting lecturers and the quite interesting workshops/field trips. I will also never forget the amazing educational trip to Navarra, Spain which was an exciting five-day experience by attending lectures and working with people from different places around Europe.