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Charity, Pizza and Mango Beer – Planning students are having a Ball

CPLAN ballThis year seems to have flown past, and whilst it shows no sign of letting up, time had come for the highly anticipated ‘end of year’ ball. Held in Zero Degrees this year, it is tradition for the School to have one final event to round off the taught modules; a promising event which more than delivered on the night!

Most postgraduate departments organise an end of year ball or social event to round off the taught element of their courses; and CPLAN was certainly not willing to be an exception! Each year the School provide a fund to hire a venue and provide a dinner. This year we decided that we would visit Zero Degrees, one of a small chain of microbreweries directly opposite the Millennium Stadium. The buffet which they provided was excellent, with a wide variety on the menu. One particular highlight was their unique mango beer, which they are particularly well known for and is highly recommended!

Despite our individual postgraduate courses being relatively small, each with around 15 students, collectively the School has almost 130 of us. It is very rare for all of us to be in the same place at the same time, and so this was the perfect event to catch up with people we don’t share lectures with, as well as meeting some new faces! It was also a great chance to socialise outside of lectures – or as is more appropriate at this time of year – the Graduate Centre!

CPLAN social

A packed crowd attended the end of year celebration

In all I think almost 80 of us attended, which was an incredible turnout! Such a good attendance also gave the organisers the opportunity to make a contribution to two charities, The British Red Cross, and rather appropriately for the planning school, the organisers of the YPC Pub QuizPlanning Aid Wales. The night was made even better in the knowledge that we could celebrate whilst doing our bit for charity!

Whilst this was billed as the last formal event, and it was truly a great way to round off the year, we are already organising the next course social to celebrate our final submissions before we start our dissertations!