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Christmas in Cardiff

Cardiff is a wonderful place to spend some or all of the festive period, here is what some of our Postgraduate Ambassadors enjoyed here last Christmas:

“There were plenty of places available to revise during the Christmas period: I was especially thankful for the Postgraduate Study Lounge on the third floor of the Students’ Union. Having a space that is dedicated purely to Postgraduate students is invaluable, as many of the other university libraries that are open to all students get very busy during exam seasons.” Benjamin, MA Translation Studies
“During Christmas I had to write a 3,000 word essay and prepare for my dissertation presentation. I spent Christmas at home, away from Cardiff. It’s also important to regularly check your university emails whilst away for Christmas. I looked at what I needed to do for the essay before going home for Christmas so I could take out the required books. I also checked what I could access online, so that I didn’t have to take too many books home! I also made sure I had time to relax over Christmas!” Luca, MSc Care of Collections
“Before breaking up for Christmas, my friends and I took a long stroll around the City Centre to take pictures of the Christmas lights, visit the Christmas market stalls and the Winter Wonderland. It was great fun to introduce my international friends from the course to stuff like mulled wine.” Linh, MSc International Economics, Banking and Finance
“Cardiff Christmas market is the place to go whether it is for a walk, to admire trinkets, have a drink or eat a bite. We planned a home celebration with my housemates with a knick-knacks’ exchange something I have never done before.” Pierre, MSc Structural Engineering