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Cardiff: Land Of Friendliness

2 July 2014

Still hesitating between coming to Cardiff or going elsewhere? Please stop. Cardiff is awesome. This city has a soul and I have never met so many nice people.

Let me tell you more about the first day I arrived in Cardiff… I was overloaded with suitcases and could not carry them up the stairs of the train station. Without asking, a guy just came with me, took care of the suitcases and dropped me off at the right platform so that I could take another train to Cathays. Sorry guys, but I have some trouble picturing the same thing on the Paris Underground. When I got out at Cathays, a woman stopped by and just told me she would drop me at my Halls of Residence. I ended up talking to more strangers that day than I had ever done in my entire 21 years of life! This first day was no exception to the following ones and you are also assured to make wonderful encounters with people coming from the entire world.

Also, on a more practical view, whenever you need something from the faculty administration, there is always someone (with a large smile) willing to help and guide you.

Anyway, there is something special with Cardiff. People know how to enjoy themselves. Whenever there is a ray of sunlight, they are out in the streets, cafes and parks. This city has its own dynamic, you don’t feel oppressed and you end up the year serene. Everything you need for your leisure or your studies is near by: this is the perfect environment. Can’t wait to go back there!