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Boosting your Career: Postgraduate Study at Cardiff

10 May 2019

When deciding if postgraduate study is for you, future employability is a key consideration. Here some of our students discuss how postgraduate study has given them an edge in the world of post-university employment.

Lester, MSc Astrophysics

My Cardiff MSc is solely responsible for turning my career around. Having worked full time previously, studying with the Open University in my spare time, I decided that the daily grind of an office job wasn’t for me. The new plan was to pursue a career in academia. Having been through the stressful process of PhD applications throughout the last few months, I am now heading to Cambridge for a fully funded PhD in Astrophysics. I have Cardiff to thank for this (including Richard and Paul who run my course, provided references and encouraged me to apply). 

Siana, MSc Children’s Psychological Disorders

My MSc at Cardiff University has already helped me to secure a part time job as an assistant psychologist alongside my studies. I am hoping that the experiences I have gained on the course will help me to gain further work experience once I have completed the course, and eventually secure a place on the clinical psychology doctorate.

I am pursuing a career in clinical psychology, and feel that the MSc has provided me with valuable knowledge, experiences and opportunities which will help me achieve my career goals.

David, MSc Computing

Studying computing has given me a lot of practical skills to take back to my job as an analyst in the NHS. The course taught me to program, but also new ways to manage projects effectively and work in a team. I think this will make me more effective in my role and open up new opportunities in future.

Lucy, MSc Human Resources Management

My course in Human Resource Management is also CIPD accredited, meaning I will have the full qualification necessary alongside a Master’s degree to work in HR in the UK. This was a huge advantage to the course, and one of the main reasons I chose to continue my studies at Cardiff. As for future plans, I’m not from Cardiff originally but am looking to continue living and working down here after completing my dissertation, and my ideal job would be working as a HR Advisor at the University! But regardless of where I work, HR is the career path I will pursue, so I will use the knowledge and skills I have gained from my course in all future employment

Sam, MSc Science Communication

Studying Science Communication has allowed me to try out different professional areas including science presenting, journalism and social science. Having really enjoyed the journalism components of the module, I have decided to pursue a career in journalism. This Master’s will support my ambitions to enter the niche of science journalism.

Christopher, MSc Bioinformatics and Genetic Epidemiology

I have been accepted onto a PhD in Cancer Genetics at Cardiff Uni starting immediately after my current MSc program. The MSc in Bioinformatics has provided me with all the knowledge and practical skills in computing, statistics and genetics I needed to be accepted by the university for that studentship as well as important skills in communication and presentation. I then plan to continue in this area of scientific research as a post-doctoral researcher and possibly stay in academia.

Jennifer, MSc Software Engineering

My plan is to get a job as a junior/graduate software developer in Cardiff after I finish my course. The MSc in Software Engineering is teaching me the skills I need for this career and the school’s networking events are introducing me to local companies.

Magdalena, Master of Public Health

I plan on working in Public Health, although I am not yet sure what I’d like to do exactly. Luckily, the Cardiff MPH course covers a broad range of topics so I think I will be well suited for multiple careers. My course also prepared me for more practical things, like writing reports and presenting in front of a group of people. I think these will be extremely valuable in whatever I choose to do after submitting my dissertation!