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Amelia Baugh – Part-time student

25 July 2018

Here you can find out a bit more about the individual experiences of some of our students, why they chose Cardiff University for their postgraduate study and what they enjoy most about Cardiff!

Name: Amelia Baugh

Postgraduate Course: English Literature MA

Institution where you did your Undergraduate studies: Cardiff University

Tell us a little bit about yourself, why did you chose to become a postgraduate student?

I’ve been an avid reader from a young age and literature has really helped shape me into the person I am today. Besides an interest in all things literary I am also interested in music, film, and cats.

I chose to become a postgraduate student as I have ambitions of an academic career.

Why did you choose Cardiff University for your Postgraduate studies?

Cardiff University was an obvious first choice for studying English as I had received expert guidance and nurturing from the School of English, Communication and Philosophy during my time as an undergraduate. Cardiff’s English Literature MA was the best option for me as it has a wide range of research specialisms as well as opportunities to present academic papers.

What are you enjoying the most about your part-time course and why?

Studying part-time is great for me as the flexibility of the modules allows a better balance of academia with a hectic work schedule. Having the course spread over two years has also given me more time to consider my PhD research area and get a strong proposal together. I’m really enjoying studying part-time as I have more spare time and can now get involved with events that School of English, Communication and Philosophy put on.

How did you fund your postgraduate studies and how would you advise offer holders to go on about researching or finding funding for postgraduate studies?

As I was an undergrad at Cardiff I was aware of the Master’s Excellence Scholarship that was available. I applied for funding through the scholarship and was lucky enough to get it. My advice would be to apply for as many opportunities that come up as possible. The only way to be certain you won’t get funding is to not apply at all!

Which accommodation did you stay during your postgraduate studies at Cardiff University? What advice would you give to Cardiff University offer holders who have to find accommodation themselves?

I commute to Cardiff rather than living in the city and whilst I cannot give advice specifically on accommodation, I do know that the Student Union has the Student Advice which deal with any accommodation issues students may have.

How was/is your postgraduate life at Cardiff?
Start of your course

The first semester of the MA has been excellent, my classes have been engaging and I’ve enjoyed the freedom of interdisciplinary research. As well as this, the level of engagement in seminars has changed from the undergraduate degree and I have enjoyed more student centred discussions.

Level of studies

Being a postgraduate is helping me to advance my research and analytical skills. On the English MA there are weekly workshops available that focus on developing research methods; this has been invaluable as the MA dissertation is a big step-up from the BA dissertation.

University Services

Student Advice in the Student Union is an excellent service; I couldn’t recommend them more.

Life in the City and Wales

Chapter Arts Centre is an excellent space for theatre, food, cinema and art (they also have a great bar).

How do you think your postgraduate degree will help you achieve your career goals?

My postgrad degree is fundamental to me achieving my goals of an academic career, however, it has already given me confidence in my research area something that is equally important.

What best piece of advice would you give to a Cardiff University offer holder who is about to start their course at Cardiff University?

Balance is important. You can have a healthy social life AND be prepared for class… you just need to get the balance right.

What best piece of advice would you give to a prospective student considering postgraduate studies at Cardiff University?

Get involved with your School. ENCAP puts on academic events regularly and they can really help with research development, as an idea can come from an academic area outside of your focus. And, of course, it’s also a good way to meet students and staff.