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10 May 2018

Here you can find out what some of our students enjoy most about their postgraduate programmes

Geography and Planning

Eleanor Wear – MSc Spatial Planning and Development

Overall, I have had a great experience on my course so far. Lectures are stimulating and interesting with a variety of teaching styles and methods, which are engaging. I have enjoyed the variety of content, which has got me inspired and motivated for my future career. The content and assessment on the course has been very practical in providing experience of creating work which is relevant to a career in planning, which I believe will be beneficial when I start work.


Physics and Astronomy

Zoltan Sztranyovszky – MSc Physics

I really like how approachable the lecturers are, we have a lot of help from them while also learning to study and research independently. It is great that we have vast amount of books in the library and access to most of science journals. There are many flexible dissertation topics to choose from so it can be well tailored to the individual.

But most importantly the guidance that we receive from Dr Richard Lewis, who is the MSc Physics Program Coordinator, is invaluable. Without him the course would not be the same.


English, Communication and Philosophy

Joseph Barlow – MSc Forensic Linguistics

I feel like I have learnt a lot, everything from abstract theories to applied analyses. It’s been very exciting so far, made more so by the lecturers who clearly love the topics they are teaching!



Nora Syversen – Executive MBA

The opportunity to present our ideas in front of local Business people was a brilliant experience. It also allowed us to gain practical skills that we can use in our careers going forward.