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Pythagorean Astronomy: 2015 round-up and Tim Peake

It’s been a very exciting year in astronomy and space science, with missions exploring distant reaches of the Solar System. There was a huge media storm about New Horizons passing Pluto back in July, with staggering results still coming back, and continuing revelations from Rosetta. But there was even more excitement about Tim Peake’s launch to the International Space Station as part of his Principia mission.

This month Edward Gomez and I discussed the year’s astronomy news, while at the celebrations of Tim Peake’s launch here in Cardiff I spoke to Chris Castelli from UK Space Agency, and Pedro Duque, an ESA astronaut who flew to the International Space Station in 2003.

Originally broadcast on 18th December 2015 as part of Pythagoras’ Trousers on Radio Cardiff.