Month: June 2015

Pythagorean Astronomy: Radio astronomy close-up

Posted on 28 June 2015 by Chris North

Radio telescopes are normally used for looking at very distant objects thousands, millions, or possibly even billions of light years away. But to do that, they have to look through the Earth’s atmosphere. For some radio astronomers the distorting effects of our atmosphere are an annoyance, but earlier this year Australian astronomers using the Murchison
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Student Prize winners for outstanding contribution to Outreach

Posted on 12 June 2015 by Haley Gomez

This year, the School of Physics and Astronomy awarded their inaugural prizes for outstanding contribution to outreach and public engagement to students at a prize-giving ceremony at the annual Chaos Student Ball. The winners of the prizes were Jenifer Millard (undergraduate) and Peri Jones (postgraduate). Postgraduate student Matthew Allen was also highly commended for his
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