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Phoenix Project

Interactive Learning Namibia: a Phoenix Project

16 November 2015

Blog Post Author: Matt Smith

The University of Namibia recently established a Centre for eLearning and Interactive Media (CeLIM). One of its primary activities is rolling out a Virtual Learning Environment. The pilot phase of this is currently being evaluated. The impact of this collaboration will build joint capacity to effectively support staff and students during this roll out, so that the various technologies are used effectively in order to provide an innovative learning landscape. This includes embedding, early on, the ethos of flipped learning and innovative methods whereby learning is led and driven by students and supported by academics in an effective way.

During my recent visit I worked with all members of  CeLIM to understand their work and roles. I also carried out a demo of Panopto, which has just been launched as part of the Learn Plus project at Cardiff University. This was very positively received and UNAM is very interested in adopting the system.

Many aspects of eLearning were discussed during the visit. For the moment, we propose several key areas that we would like to gain approval from our respective institutions to work collaboratively on in the future:

•       Establishment of cross institution communities of practice

•       Plan and develop joint frameworks for staff and student training and support

•       Development of flipped training methods and resources

•       Development of a UNAM support hub for eLearning

•       Joint delivery of eLearning capacity building workshops at UNAM

I was welcomed into the team very warmly and enjoyed every minute of my time with them. I would like to thank the whole CeLIM team for their hospitality and welcoming me so openly into their working environment. The visit was a very rewarding experience.  The Phoenix team at Cardiff has been superb, not only because they gave me the opportunity of this being part of this amazing project, but the support before, during and after has helped develop further my own self-confidence. I have met a wonderful group of people from across the University who I would have never otherwise worked with, but look forward to working with further into the future.

My special thanks go to Maggy Beukes-Amiss and Margaret Allan:  my enablers from Cardiff and Namibian Universities.  A few photos for you to enjoy.


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