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“Across the Oceans and the Continents”

Posted on 13 June 2016 by Judith Hall

Blog Post Author: Professor Judith Hall The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Namibia, Professor Lazarus Hangula, and the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Development, Professor Kenneth Matengu visited Cardiff in late May. […]

Zebra Politics

Posted on 10 June 2016 by Chris Juniper

Blog Post Author: Mark Kelson Does the zebra have black with white stripes or white with black stripes? Scientifically speaking they are black with white stripes. However, I often indulge a […]

Learning about University Teaching across Continents

Posted on 8 June 2016 by Chris Juniper

Blog Post Author: Dr Clare Kell The University of Namibia recognises the power of education to support individual and community development. Working towards its vision ‘to be a beacon of excellence in […]

Multilingual Namibia

Posted on 6 June 2016 by Chris Juniper

Blog Post Author: Professor Loredana Polezzi, Professor of Translation Studies Language is the ultimate human technology, our most complex and vital tool. Without effective communication, our best plans fail and our […]

Statistical Convergence

Posted on 3 June 2016 by Chris Juniper

Blog Post Author: Dr Mark Kelson, Research Fellow in Statistics There is a comforting nature to randomness. It is one of those things in life on which you can rely, whether […]

International Opportunities for Anaesthetists in Wales

Posted on 30 March 2016 by Chris Juniper

Cardiff University’s Phoenix Project is working closely with colleagues in Namibia to develop Anaesthesia.The Phoenix Project in Namibia you like to get involved?  We are running an Airway Conference June […]

Namibian Mathematicians arrive at Cardiff University

Posted on 30 April 2015 by Judith Hall

Mathematicians from University of Namibia (UNAM) have just completed a fact finding trip to Cardiff University as part of our Phoenix Project.  UNAM has vast numbers of students that need teaching basic […]

What is The Phoenix Project all about?

Posted on 28 November 2014 by Chris Juniper

Internal launch of flagship engagement projects: Monday 15th December, 1.30-3pm, VJ Gallery, Main Building Find out more about the five Cardiff University flagship engagement projects, meet the teams, and discuss […]

Namibia Diary: Part 4

Posted on 8 October 2014 by Jeff Clark

For someone like me who is completely bilingual and who grew up speaking and being educated in Welsh it’s thrilling to witness the easy interchange of languages and the profusion […]

Namibia Diary: Part 3

Posted on 7 October 2014 by Jeff Clark

Three days in and the complexities and potential of this country start to form more clearly for me. History is everywhere. Independence from South Africa in 1990 and the apartheid and liberation […]