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Chris Juniper

Chris Juniper

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UNAM students visit Django Conference at Cardiff University

Posted on 3 August 2015 by Chris Juniper

  Blog Post Author: Dr Vincent Knight (School of Mathematics) The DjangoCon 2015 organising committee were delighted to welcome Jessica and Michael, two students from the University of Namibia, to the conference […]

Phoenix Teaching and Learning: together!

Posted on 10 July 2015 by Chris Juniper

We have had 2 weeks for intensive, high octane, fun, interactive teaching, training, learning and working together.   The team is exhausted, but feeling happy, satisfied. New projects developing, much […]

Phoenix in Rundu and Windhoek achieving goals

Posted on 9 July 2015 by Chris Juniper

And so, after a lot of very hard work teaching, the team start returning to Windhoek. More meetings, more projects to start, all in line with poverty reduction and health […]

Phoenix work continues: Community, town and city

Posted on 8 July 2015 by Chris Juniper

The work continues for Phoenix in Namibia.  We find a very very crowded hospital, very very busy, understaffed but immaculately clean (we could learn a lesson here in the UK to be […]

Phoenix Operational: Public Health and Anaesthesia

Posted on 6 July 2015 by Chris Juniper

Cardiff University's Phoenix Project is on the ground delivering goods in Rundu, Northern Namibia working with our African partner University of Namibia.  We are together making an impact in many areas […]

Python Namibia 2015: Cardiff Students’ Perspective

Posted on 24 February 2015 by Chris Juniper

Authors: - Geraint Palmer and Jason Young It has been a massive honour to be a part of Python Namibia 2015 and the Phoenix project, which works in tandem with the […]

A Door Opens for Namibian Anaesthesia​

Posted on 13 February 2015 by Chris Juniper

Two full on weeks of Anaesthesia Education Namibia are over. Its been a privilege for myself, Drs. Terblanche,  Hasan and Lloyd to be part of these doctors' lives (thankfully Dr Lloyd passed the […]

A Celebration: Python Namibia 2015

Posted on 11 February 2015 by Chris Juniper

Python Namibia is over,  after a huge effort of will by all concerned, it was an enormous success.  As it closed the students of Namibia formed PyNam: its over to them […]

Halfway through: Windhoek and Rundu

Posted on 9 February 2015 by Chris Juniper