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School and College visits

Monmouth Science Initiative visit

13 March 2014
Andrea Brancale

Around 45 A level pupils from schools in the Monmouth area came to the research labs in Cardiff University recently to see what life is like as an undergraduate.

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences hosts groups of interested pupils from the Monmouth Science Initiative (MSI) in several research areas over two visits per year. In the most recent visit, students were welcomed by Professor James Birchall who gave an introduction about pharmacy.

The students enjoyed producing a variety of creams in the laboratory supervised by Professor Birchall and Professor Mark Gumbleton.

Andrea Brancale showing Molecular Modelling in 3D
Andrea Brancale showing Molecular Modelling in 3D

November 2013 visit

On 20 November a number of students visited the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Their visit included the following presentations:

  • Drug discovery, for example molecular modelling
  • Biological barriers
  • GMP suite for clinical trial formulation
  • Free radical polymerization reaction forming bone cement
  • NMR and spectra