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Bee well Cardiff – Connecting the Dots to Create a Green and Pleasant Cardiff

31 July 2017

Conference – 9th October 9am-4pm

Location: Glamorgan Building – Committee Rooms 1&2 and Council Room

Aim:  To bring together people from across Cardiff who are working to enhance the city in which we live and work. 

Background: As befits a capital city, Cardiff is full of energetic people doing their bit to make the city a green and pleasant place to live. These activities range from local community-led projects to city-wide action focused on increasing biodiversity and pollinator numbers.  Imagine what we could achieve if, like the honey bee, we worked together towards a common shared vision.

For this reason we are hosting a conference at Cardiff university to connect people and share information and ideas.  We have invited speakers who represent the diversity of work currently being carried out in Cardiff. While there will be some formal presentations, but we are also looking for small community groups to get involved and make use of the day to network.  We will provide space for organisations and groups to set up stalls to provide a point of contact for interested parties.

In the afternoon, we plan to hold workshops around some key themes so that people can share their thoughts and perspectives on any issues of interest to them.  We will capture the main points of these discussions and feed them back.

The event is free, please register for tickets using Eventbrite: