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Project Blog Year 1 and 2

Lean: Doing right things righter

9 March 2010

It’s exactly one year since I started work here at Cardiff University, as a Project Officer for the PALET Project, which will pilot a more agile and flexible process for the development and approval of new programmes of study at Cardiff University. As the project title might suggest (Programme Approval Lean Electronic Toolset), from the outset, PALET has utlised Lean Thinking methodology for process improvements.

Christine Stewart (Director of LEAN) and
her team have been heavily involved in PALET to date, and we’ve really
benefited from the experience and LEAN expertise. I have recently
attended the LEAN Skills for Managers Training, which aims to equip managers with the ability to apply lean thinking in their part of the organisation. Over a period of 16
weeks, we have learnt various skills, tools and techniques that have
helped us all undertake a small LEAN project of our own. The training has included sessions on the following; Current state mapping, data collection, future state mapping and implementation. The last training session is scheduled for Thursday, during which we’ll be focussing on the evaluation and review of process improvements. 

I have found the course invaluable and I’m sure that the knowledge of Lean principles, tools and techniques will continue to be of use for the remaining two years of the PALET Project, and beyond. On reflection, perhaps earlier exposure to more of the detail behind the principles of Lean and the different tools available might have been useful. I wonder if perhaps a session on Lean could be included as part of the induction package to the University… just a thought!

 Right, on with trying to do the right things righter…




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  1. Oliver Jenkins

    Hi Georgia, interesting course you’ve been studying, I may look into if there is any similar courses at BCU that would benefit any of the T-SPARC team seeing as you found it so beneficial.
    I’m currently working on the T-SPARC project as Project Support Officer, taking over from Hannah for the next few months. I believe you’re going to the next CAMEL meeting in Greenwich next month, hope to see you there.

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