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Cardiff University Symphony Orchestra heads off on tour

13 June 2015

Undergraduate student Bronwen Maggs is about to head off to Germany with Cardiff University Symphony Orchestra. The Orchestra will be performing in a range of venues and Bronwen will be there to help document everything…

cusotourposter“With just one more day to go until the Cardiff University Symphony Orchestra set off on their first ever trip to Europe, it seems like it is about time for our first tour update.

“The Cardiff University School of Music is buzzing with activity and has been all week. Third years have been giving the performances of their lives to audiences in the department’s concert hall, performing half an hour’s worth of repertoire each, in their last ever undergraduate university examinations. It has been a terrifying, exciting and all round emotional week for most, even for the audience members: Teary eyes have been spotted on many occasions.

“Now, the musicians turn to their orchestral scores; getting ready for what are set to be three spectacular concerts, while the tour management busy themselves double and triple checking everything is ready and set to go.

Meanwhile, none of us can contain our excitement. It is going to be a truly incredible week. Keep an eye on this website for more updates as we go along.”

There’ll be more updates from Bronwen during the tour over at the Symphony Orchestra’s new website. You can also follow the Symphony Orchestra on Facebook and Twitter.

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