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Breaking Boundaries

PhD student Alessandra Palidda has an invitation for fellow postgraduate students…


Dear PGR and PGT colleagues,

Every year the University Graduate College organizes an interdisciplinary conference for research students in the Arts and Humanities. This year’s conference will be held on 23 April 2015. It is a great opportunity to come and share your research and to talk about your interests and methodology within a friendly, highly interdisciplinary context. You can present on a specific aspect of your research or more generally about your project, plus you get a taste of what other students in other departments are working on. You also get the chance to listen to a brilliant keynote speaker and win cash prizes. Last year’s conference was a wonderful occasion and our department did so well, but I hope to see even more of us there this year. Come on, come all!

Visit the conference webpage to find out more. 


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