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Voice of Humanities conference

Alessandra Palidda, 1st year PhD student working on ‘Opera in period of political change; Milan, 1790-1802’

Cardiff University's Hadyn Ellis Building, home of the University Graduate College

Cardiff University’s Hadyn Ellis Building, home of the University Graduate College

It was a really nice experience for me to participate in the Voice of Humanities, a conference which is organized every year by a Committee of students within the University Graduate College for all Postgraduate students undertaking a course in the Humanities to attend. Everyone could go as a delegate or as a presenter, giving either a talk or a poster (or even both) on any topic related to his/her research, or simply presenting his/her project in a nice inter-disciplinary and collaborative atmosphere. Finally the event, which lasted a whole day, was completely free of charge and included reception, different panels of presentations, a poster exhibition (with the posters printed by the UGC for free) coffee breaks, a delicious lunch and a nice wine and cheese party at the end.

I was happy to see other people from the School of Music, though I would have liked to see more, both as presenters and as delegates. I think that, besides the very warm and pleasurable atmosphere, events like this are of the utmost importance to gather ideas, to improve presentation skills and to have an idea on what students from other Schools are studying.

The range of interests within the presentations was so wide that there was something for everybody, from English literature to fine arts, from social perspectives on tourism to Welsh heritage, from musical aesthetics to seafarers’ education. I realized it was actually the first time we had a chance to meet other students in such an interesting environment, and the abundance of questions after each presentation, the relaxed atmosphere during the breaks and the duration of the cheese and wine party were strong proofs that everybody was enjoying the occasion.

The end of the conference brought me a nice surprise for I was awarded the 1st prize for best paper presentation by the Committee: it was of course very rewarding for me, but the best feeling came from the congratulations I received from my fellow students and from the nice party we had all together. I really want to be a Committee member next year because I think offering this occasion was really something, and I also encourage all PGs, Masters and PhD students, to participate in the next conference!


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