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Sociolinguistics Reading Group

15 January 2014

A colleague in the Welsh department and I have been running a sociolinguistics reading group since October. There are about 8 of us involved and we meet once a month (Thursday morning) and talk about an article.

Here’s our reading list so far:


James Walker and Miriam Meyerhoff (2013). Studies of the Community and the Individual. In R. Bayley, R. Cameron & C. Lucas (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Sociolinguistics. 175-194.


Barbara Bullock and Chip Gerfen (2006) Phonological convergence in a contracting language variety. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 7(2):95-104.


Ben Rampton (2013) Styling in a Language Learned Later in Life. Modern Language Journal  97(2) 360-382.

February (tbc – but likely to be something on translanguaging)



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