Month: October 2017

Mental health nursing in Palestine

Posted on 30 October 2017 by Dr Mohammad Marie

Mohammad Marie  –  mental health nurse academic at An-Najah University Mental health services vary from country to another. This variation depends on many factors, including those related to culture, politics, and resources. In the case of Palestine, with its history of conflict, mental health services are underdeveloped and face many challenges. In the West Bank,
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Posted on 19 October 2017 by Alison Seymour

The sad circumstances of the suicide of Megan Davison recently highlighted the little-known eating disorder diabulimia. The term diabulimia refers to the deliberate and frequent reduction in insulin administration in people with type 1 diabetes due to concerns about weight management and /or body shape. The condition is often hidden, and individuals may look well
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Improving the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people

Posted on 17 October 2017 by Dr Rhiannon Evans

Dr Rhiannon Evans, Senior Lecturer, DECIPHer, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University Michelle Hughes, Specialist CAMHS Nurse, Cwm Taf University Health B The mental health and wellbeing of children and young people remains a major public health concern. Many problems emerge during adolescence, with 50% of anxiety and impulse control disorders onsetting by the age
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