Student Committee

Our student committee have advised about organisation, content and will help provide coverage of the conference. They are made up of Year 2 and Year 5 Medical Students. The Year 2 students are:

  • Henry Atkinson
  • Imogen John
  • Nathan Ivey
  • Emma Rengasamy
  • Aysha Haththotuwegama

Find out more about the year 2 committee members here;

Nathan Ivey

Hey, I’m Nathan, and I’m one of the year two committee members for the upcoming year 2, year 5 conference. As part of this I was asked to write a blog introducing myself. I’ve never had an interest in blogging, and never been great with words or spelling, so I thought in the interest of your sanity and my reputation with words, I’d keep this brief. To introduce myself I’m going to copy the ongoing Facebook craze of 7 facts you may not know about me… but I failed and only came up with 5;

  1. Starting simply, I’m a welshy, but I can’t speak Welsh fluently. I live in the Rhondda Valley, in a town called Tonyrefail. It’s nothing like the MTV programme, ‘The Valleys’ but one of the cast is from my town.
  2. I’ve never been the steadiest on my feet, and I’m quite a clumsy person. When I was 5, I was running down a hill in the playground, and could not stop myself from tripping up a concentre step and hitting the corner of my eye into a metal bench. After a lot of blood, tears and a few stitches, I’ve been left scarred, literally.
  3. As someone who is a fan of science and facts it may seem quite contradictory that I am quite a superstitious person. There are a few rules that I try to follow, which include saluting a lone magpie, never walking over three drains and always going back in the door I came out of, not to change my luck… This may seem odd, and after writing this it even sounds odd to me, but it’s something I’ve always done.
  4. One of my favourite TV series is ‘Game of Thrones’, only properly becoming a fan last year.
    Since then I’ve read 6 of the 7 books and am eagerly awaiting the upcoming 5th season! Here’s a picture that never ceases to amaze me, with the first five books markered
    for each time a character dies! If you haven’t read them yet I highly recommend them
  5. I’m a lightweight when it comes to anything alcohol related. This is partially due to the fact that I’m intolerant to alcohol. Basically it means I’m a cheap night out, but I also get a blotchy red face and get very flushed.

Imogen John

Hello everyone!

I’m Imogen and like Nathan I am also a Year 2 committee member for the Year 2/5 Integrated Conference.

Part of our roles as the committee was to document this unique week on a blog (with photos and videos and peoples experiences of the conference). I have to say I’ve never written on one of these before and we were all a bit apprehensive to say the least. But hey ho! Might as well give it a go!

So… a little bit about myself? Well where do I start with that one…

Well, I’m from North Devon, the land of beautiful beaches, amazing summer surf, cream teas, pasties (controversial I know) and most importantly farms and tractors. Its a pretty place  to love and I love the peace and quiet of being out in the sticks. However I am loving university life in Cardiff. City living is definitely my cup of tea.

That’s something I feel I should mention, I am a proper teapot, I drink it all day long. My caffeine addiction may not be all that healthy but in the life of a medical student it becomes somewhat of an essential to get you through the long hours of study and revision.

Medicine is my first love but it has hard competition from musical theatre and performing arts. I have always loved being on stage, it’s my  true passion and is great for letting off steam and meeting some really wonderful characters in life. There’s nothing like losing yourself in a character or a piece of choreography. I’m part of Cardiff University’s Act One Drama Society and currently working on a new musical which will be performed in March. There have been times I have questioned why I never pursued this path, but I still stand by the fact you can be an all singing all tap dancing Doctor and that’s good enough for me!

I love animals and have a beautiful little Staffy back at home called Mika. Shes a real cutie and super clever – she even sings in tune. One thing I miss when at uni is the opportunity to have pets, but I am happy to be patient and have my menagerie when I am fully qualified.

Another animal which I am besotted with is owls. I have collected all thing owl ever since I was about 4/5. After deciding to leave my collection at home when I came to uni, I somehow managed, over the last two years alone, to collect another 20 odd up here. Its a bit of an obsession I must confess.

I’m like any other student, I love my degree and study really hard. At times being a medical student can be really difficult and exhausting, but I never forget to also have a great time. I have wonderful house-mates and friends! I love to go out and socialise with a beverage or two, love watching the rugby (which can create tension when England play Wales, as most of my house mates are Welsh), and just generally having fun with my nearest and dearest.

I hope that the conference is enjoyable for everyone and will provide the Year 2s with a better understanding of life at medical school and the amazing opportunities on offer for us. It is all about working hard and having fun while you are at it after all!


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