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Poster day at last!

Before we know it, the conference came to its finale on the third day… with the poster presentation!

Over 100 posters were displayed across the two halls in the sports and social club. From wet lab to life drawing, a myriad of topics were discussed, explored between them all.

For me, this is definitely one of the highlights of the conference – to discover what kind of work others have done during our first SSC, finding out some new and interesting work, as well as hearing the ideas and thoughts of my colleagues on their work.

The atmosphere was rather informal, which really helped to make presentations less daunting and less nerve-wrecking. It was also great fun talking to everyone about our own poster (this was especially the case as my SSC project was related to one of my biggest love – art).

Here are some snaps from during the day :



Alongside the “ups”, there were unfortunately some “downs”. For example, there was some confusion with the timetabling for the day. However they were all in all, things not unique to this conference, and there are always future opportunities to make things much clearer! Overall though, the ups easily overwhelmed the downs for me.

…This is made especially so when some of your friends are the ones who have taken up the spots of “runner-ups” and “winners” – congratulations to all the prize-winners! Equally, a cheer to everyone else for their effort, thoughts, creative designs and ideas for their posters and presentations.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers for running the conference. Although there are some areas for improvements, it has been a great first go at such an event and a lovely experience!


Conference Day 1 – Poster Reviews

Collage of images from year 2 student posters

Collage of images from year 2 student posters

My day started early with over 100 second year posters to prepare for printing. I was quite excited and nervous for the day ahead but keen to get all the last minute tasks finished. I started downloading papers, which was slow, with manual editing and concerns that we wouldn’t reach the 12pm cut off. With a turnaround time of only a day and a half for printing, we really didn’t have any leeway on delivery.

The first challenge was overcoming file labels, checking posters aligned with student names and groups, whilst constantly keeping a check on the clock. We had great support from the team on the 5th floor. Huge thanks to Dr Keith Hart and Neha Sharma for help preparing files and Andy Edwards for getting them to the printers. All went in on time, with everything present  and correct – we hope!

Reviewing the posters, made me feel very proud of our year 2 students. The amount of effort and work that had gone into them was incredible. The diversity in design and approach was inspiring and I am really looking forward to the poster presentation day on Thursday!


Guidance available for year 2 students on Poster preparation

Second year students will work together in trios or pairs to prepare a poster based on their shared year 2 Experience SSC project. Guidelines for poster preparation and delivery are available on learning central.

The poster aims to highlight:

  • What second year students did during their experience SSC.
  • What inspired them about the project.
  • What they will take forward from the experience.

Students can use this opportunity to be innovative and express group or individual points. It is a chance for them to reflect back on this experience and they will be able to share this with a fifth year student panel during the conference.

Prizes will be awarded for the top posters, based on excellence and innovation.