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Before Christmas a post was made asking for students to sign up to become year 2 committee members for a conference that was still in its planning stages. As we are constantly reminded that we need to strengthen our CV we naturally grasped the opportunity. After a few meetings, SSC week 3 was upon us and the conference was beginning.Editorial Room

As a year 2 committee member we were asked to become ‘blog editors’, meaning that we would review the work of the bloggers and submit them to the blog along with pictures from our conference photographers. At 3:30pm the editorial board met, consisting of the two staff leads: Dr Hibbitts and Dr Brennan, the two year two representatives and three year five representatives. We were extremely happy by the flow of blogs created both by the final year students and by year two student bloggers. All had  great content and there was even a bilingual post which was great to see!


Conference Day 1 – Poster Reviews

Collage of images from year 2 student posters

Collage of images from year 2 student posters

My day started early with over 100 second year posters to prepare for printing. I was quite excited and nervous for the day ahead but keen to get all the last minute tasks finished. I started downloading papers, which was slow, with manual editing and concerns that we wouldn’t reach the 12pm cut off. With a turnaround time of only a day and a half for printing, we really didn’t have any leeway on delivery.

The first challenge was overcoming file labels, checking posters aligned with student names and groups, whilst constantly keeping a check on the clock. We had great support from the team on the 5th floor. Huge thanks to Dr Keith Hart and Neha Sharma for help preparing files and Andy Edwards for getting them to the printers. All went in on time, with everything present  and correct – we hope!

Reviewing the posters, made me feel very proud of our year 2 students. The amount of effort and work that had gone into them was incredible. The diversity in design and approach was inspiring and I am really looking forward to the poster presentation day on Thursday!


Conference registration: Badges, programmes and the start of a buzz..

TIMG_8205he registration desk was up and running with tables filled with badges and programmes from 12pm. There was a steady stream of students in the Cochrane lobby and the conference buzz could be heard right up on the 5th floor. We even had the weather, with the sun shining and students gathering both inside and out. All looked set to go.. what could go wrong??

At 1.15pm there were still an awful lot of badges left on the desk and there were a few concerns on whether all year 2 students would arrive..

We headed over to the MGLT to prepare for our keynote speakers. We got our master slides uploaded and Prof Phil Smith arrived in plenty of time to run his slides. At 13.40pm we had about 30 students in the lecture theatre and with 5mins to go, Prof Smith asked “Where is everyone?” Moments later, the doors opened and the room filled.

Dr Brennan opened the conference, thanking everyone involved and then we were off!