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The Conference Academic Leads, Dr Paul Brennan and Dr Sam Hibbitts have prepared the following brief for bloggers from the MEDIC Year 2 & 5 Conference 2015

First of all, we want you to contribute. We want to hear about what you think. We want you to share your experiences of this conference. Please listen, chat, talk, focus your thoughts and write.

This is a learning experience for all of us. It’s supposed to be a bit fun too. Despite everything below, don’t worry too much.

The purpose of the blog coverage is to:

  • Identify key messages of the conference for Year 2 students and staff
  • Identify highlights of the meeting for students and staff
  • Identify good practice on the part of students delivering high quality content.
  • Provide feedback to organisers of positive experiences and areas for improvement.

Thus, the key audience for the Conference coverage is School of Medicine students and staff. HOWEVER, ALL CONTENT WILL BE PUBLIC. Students are expected to be act responsibly to protect their own reputation, the reputation of the School of Medicine and Cardiff University.

Students will be given Author access to This is the Cardiff University WordPress blogging site. Author access will enable students to create and edit their own content. The content will be visible to the public and will be delivered in the students’ names.

A Conference Editorial Board meeting will be held on Tuesday lunchtime, Wednesday morning and Thursday morning to co-ordinate coverage for the day. Blogging students should attend this meeting to be allocated particular assignments. This does not preclude students from writing about any talk or workshop they attend. Editorial supervision will be provided by student Conference Organisers and by the Conference Academic Leads.

Students are encouraged to share their posts through social media using their own accounts. A Twitter hashtag is encouraged #CUMedYr25

Students are encouraged to try to make their content as engaging as possible. The following points are recommended:

  • Use simple, clear content – no jargon
  • Tell your story – use “I”
  • Be positive and constructive
  • Include pictures where possible

Some more key points are available here:

This is an interesting perspective about blogging:

Final word: remember we want you to write and share you thoughts about the conference and what you learn. Please have a go.

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