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How do FPAS points work?

Lots of you have been asking about how foundation year applications work so here is a little bit of information on the scoring system. Foundation year is a fair few years away for us year twos , and so it’s not worth panicking and losing sleep over, but it’s always worth developing your CV and experience early and having a little think about what you can do to prepare for job applications well and set yourself up as a great candidate…

Applications will have a maximum score of 100 points and this will consist of two components:

  1. Educational Performance Measure (EPM)    50 points maximum
  2. Situation Judgement Test (SJT)   50 points maximum


Educational Performance Measure

The EPM acts as a measure of clinical and non-clinical skills, knowledge and performance up to the point of application. The EPM comprises two elements:

  • Medical school performance in deciles (up to 34-43 points)

If you are in the first decile (the top 10% of your year), you will receive a score of 43; if you are in the second decile your score will be 42; the third decile 41 and so on. Students in the tenth decile will be awarded 34 points. 

  • Educational achievements, (up to 7 points)

Additional degrees (up to 5 points)  – PHD = 5 points, Masters/ 1st = 4 points , 2:1 = 3 points, 2:2 = 2 points, 3rd = 1 point, Medical degree alone = 0 points.

Publications worth up to two points (1 per pub med ID)


Situational Judgement Test

The SJT is a measure of meeting the attributes required to be a foundation doctor.

The SJT is taken under invigilated conditions, and  there is no negative marking, and you should therefore attempt all questions.

It consists of 70 questions in 2 hours 20 minutes

A maximum of 50 points is available

There are two question formats:

  • Rank in order five possible responses (2/3rds of the paper)
  • Choose three from eight possible responses (1/3rd of the paper)

A maximum of 20 marks is available for each question


For any additional information have a look at: