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Is Clinical Academia for You?

Although medical academia seems an interesting field to work in, I’ve always thought it weird for people to spend many years training to be a clinician, just to choose later in life not to work in a predominantly clinical environment. Therefore, I was eager to hear why Dr. Menna Clatworthy chose to be a clinical academic.

Dr. Clatworthy explained how she finds her work incredibly interesting and varied, she also said that there is a possibility of making a discovery that could leave a lasting legacy in the world of medicine. She explained how her academic success at medical school and doing an intercalated year led to her interest in academia.

A very balanced outlook of her career was given and Dr. Clatworthy stated one of the major cons of clinical academia was not only the pressure to get published, but to get published in a ‘good’ journal, that had a great impact.

What are the characteristics of a prospective academic? Well according to Dr. Clatworthy…

“You should quite like thinking about things… if you want immediate gratification, stick to clinical medicine”

“You should be someone who likes to persevere at things”

“You should be someone who is able to juggle many things”

I’m still unsure that medical academia is for me, but Dr. Clatworthy did highlight some interesting points and changed my previous beliefs about that career path.