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Houston, it looks like we’re ready for take-off

2 August 2014

Or: Why scientists can’t travel light

It’s been epic already, days of preparing, packing and printing paperwork. Just in case you’ve always wondered why scientists can’t seem to travel light, here is our packing list:

  • Laser scanner; includes
  • the scanner,
  • the tripod attachment,
  • the battery,
  • connector wire
  • camera.
  • ERT: including
  • the actual IRIS device,
  • 2 36m steel conductor cables,
  • 40 connection clips,
  • 36 steel ground pegs,
  • connection cable, 
  • charger cable,
  • jump cables for battery 
  • cable connector box
  • 45 rock samples, labelled, scanned, weighted and tested for water absorption capacity and strength and individually wrapped in bubble wrap
  • 5 intrinsically safe high resolution temperature loggers + docking station
  • 48 250ml sample bottles
  • 4 1l sample bottles
  • 200 .45μm filters
  • 250ml of 0.1M hydrochloric acid
  • pH and temperature logging kit
  • 200 sample bags
  • 1 roll of laboratory bottle tape
  • 1 roll of duct tape
  • 1 large tape measure
  • 1 GPS
  • 1 ground auger
  • 1 Schmidt Hammer
  • 450 cable ties
  • 40 steel pietons
  • The usual array of cameras, note books, laptops and other sciency paraphernalia

I think that’s pretty much it, though I’ve probably forgotten a few things that have sunk to the bottom of the bags. All in all, this is what is currently sitting the spare bedroom:




So now the real question is; Arctic Lego man, are we ready??



I think that’s a yes.


  1. Iain

    Thank goodness duck tape made it onto the list! Otherwise certain doom would no doubt have awaited. And yay Lego man, HE IS READY FOR EVERYTHING ALWAYS

    • LISA MOL

      Lego man now has his own section! More photos to follow…

  2. Kian Ryan

    You know everything looks sensible there, except…

    *1* roll of duct tape. Only *1* roll? That seems very, very optimistic.

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