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Tribute to Geoff Thompson, by Susan Hunston

23 March 2016

As part of our Symposium on Register, which was held on March 14 2017, we held a Wine and Cheese Reception in honour of Professor Geoff Thompson. We recorded the tribute made by Professor Susan Hunston, who worked closely with Geoff over many years.  This is our small way of remembering Geoff. He was a very important friend to us in Cardiff and to our LinC research network.

Following Susan’s talk, we opened the floor to give the opportunity to those who wished to to share their memories and feelings. Please feel free to leave your own tribute or comments as a response.

Last year in March many of us had the pleasure of attending the First Tunisian Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference where Geoff was one of the plenary speakers. You can view his plenary talk from that conference here.

We will really miss Geoff for all of the reasons that Susan mentions in her tribute and much more.