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the launch

18 June 2009

Welcome to LinC, Linguistics in Cardiff. The ‘LinC’ blog is a resource for the research network and for researchers interested in Systemic Functional Linguistics. LinC meetings provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas with respect to our individual and joint research projects and to offer support in developing and furthering our understanding of Systemic Functional Linguistics. This blog will be a place to find out more or to contribute. In addtion to finding out about LinC activities, the blog is concerned with everything to do with researching, teaching and learning about functional linguistics at Cardiff University.

In the 2008/09 academic session we hosted the following talks:
Prof. Robin Fawcett, The Cardiff Grammar: An introduction and its architecture for modelling language
Dr Gordon Tucker, From the grammatical to the lexical to the phraseological: three aspects of choice in a systemic functional grammar
Dr Paul Tench, Phonology in Systemic Functional Grammar
We plan to continue with regular meetings which vary from formal talks such as those given above to informal chats about issues in linguistics and data sessions where we try to solve problems.

Hopefully the blog will also be a way of announcing some of the really good work that our students are doing!