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Routledge Advances in Functional Linguistics

8 January 2018

A new series from Routledge Research, publishing research monographs and scholarly edited collections—

Routledge Advances in Functional Linguistics

Series Editors: Michelle Aldridge (Cardiff University, UK); Elissa D. Asp (Saint Mary’s University, Canada); Kasper Boye (University of Copenhagen, Denmark); and Lise Fontaine (Cardiff University, UK)

Routledge Advances in Functional Linguistics investigates the relationships between theories and evidences, taking in a broad range of functional, cognitive, and social approaches to language, and engaging critically with language data and novel technologies. Volumes in the series aim to explore the ways in which these novel evidences can probe theoretical assumptions and how new evidences and technologies in linguistics can complement and augment our understanding of language. How we understand language and language processing is being changed by experimental techniques and technologies such as eye-tracking, keystroke logging, neuroimaging as well as translation, corpus and typological studies. Routledge Advances in Functional Linguistics aims to both elucidate and lead in these inquiries.

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