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On prepositions

22 May 2010

Tuesday June 8th at 2:00 pm
5.26 Humanities Building
Cardiff University

This event intends to explore the nature of prepositions and particles and other singular items such as ‘out’ and ‘back’ within the framework of Systemic Functional Linguistics. The format of the event will be the presentation of two brief positions on this area followed by discussion and debate. Examples of the kinds of expressions we will be discussing are given below, with key items underscored.

  1. Long story short, we end up staying in a parking lot which is two streets away
    from a garage that ends up directing us to a shop that can rebuild alternators
    for 1975 Datsuns and is just two streets over from them.
  2. Seems I always get to this computer later at night. John is out golfing,
    Jane is at a sleepover birthday party where they are sleeping outside in tents
    and Jill has 3 friends over for a sleep over. they are watching a movie now.
  3. John owns a chalet in Mt. Tremblant and I have spoken to his wife about renting it (they rent it out) and we may go there for 3 nights. A. Bren has been there and says it is lovely. Jane has bought a town house in Ajax, 3 bedrooms, it looks quite nice. John has sold his town house in Peterborough and bought a house in Omemee. They were over for dinner on the 17th
  4. Does he make your life better by being around on the weekends?

Although the discussions will focus on SFL frameworks, considerations from other approaches and disciplines are welcome.

Outline of the session:

Lise Fontaine – On prepositions, particles and other such items

Tom Bartlett – Are strict POS categories really necessary?

Discussion and debate to follow.

Everyone welcome.